January 2017
I shop in Naples at the Venetian Village store. Diana Harrington is so awesome! She is bright, pretty & gives you her honest opinion! Every woman needs a store manager to look out for their best interests! She loves what she does and is very good at it!

Christmas Eve 2016
Such a lovely message to send out to your customers today. I love your styles as I am 62 and find it so difficult to find traditional but still stylish clothing and it seems special attention is given to the fit. I have been to all your stores in Massachusetts and have never found a sales associate to be anything but welcoming and helpful, never pushy. Thank you for giving me a shop I look forward to shopping in. Merry Christmas.

December 2016
Hi! Just wanted to say I LOVE your Osterville store, it is so beautiful, inviting and colorful! The festive tree with pink roses and polka-dot bows is to die for. Wonderful addition to our little village! Happy Holidays!

December 2016
I was in your store this busy weekend in the midst of the holiday flurry. I had never heard of your design, locations or 'philosophy' before, and was pleased to see an adorable, clean shop and a representative that was excited to speak of the virtues of working with your brand. I told Jennifer and Louise that I had a cocktail party to go to and that I was feeling 'insecure' about it all. They set about choosing items that they recommended and I dutifully went into the dressing room. After a few pieces, I came out and, honestly, for the first time in several months, I felt pretty. Not like I was wearing pretty clothes, but I actually FELT PRETTY. I could tell that what these ladies were doing was simply what they do. They want everyone to feel that way. I ended up with the velvet pant, velvet top and the white duster/coat, your clothing feels wonderful on. What feels better though is meeting those two very special ladies who love what they're doing, and have a connection to the brand that they are representing. I pray that this brings a smile to you.

August 2014
My daughter-in-law tucked my carefully packaged daisy dress into my son's bag when he came for the weekend. I am still amazed by this awesome little dress. It is so amazing that I wondered if it might be perfect vintage. Pockets, real pockets. Made in the USA? Not possible in 2014. Perfectly lined and a perfect fit? Haven't seen such in so many years. So then I had to learn more about Sara Campbell and went exploring online. Heartiest congratulations to you for creating and developing for today's gals the quality and design I thought I would never again see in American shops, let alone get to wear. I treasure my little daisy dress.

July 2015
My first Sara dress arrived today and I had to tell you how much I love it. My sister ordered it for me as a gift... what a great sister, right!? Still wish you would come to Pittsburgh as I would love to work for you, but this is just as good. Love the made in the USA. Thanks for such quality and workmanship being important to you.

March 2015
I bought a Sara Campbell dress last year at Serendipity Boutique in Louisville, KY. I just LOVE LOVE your line. I wish I was closer to one of your stores. I love your designs, fabric and gorgeous clothes. I am so glad to have found this line of clothing. Thank you and keep up the good work!

April 2015
I recently popped into your new location in Vero Beach, FL and purchased the most gorgeous dress. I never would have tried it on had it not been for Kathleen, sales lady, suggesting I try it on. I wanted to let Sara know that she is well represented in her Vero store. Kathleen was professional, friendly, without the hint of being pushy. Many boutiques make the fatal mistake of scaring you out of their shop. I felt comfortable if I had purchased or declined to buy... but I already have a few of your pieces in my wardrobe and they are my go to pieces. I also love that you are able to make your garments in the good old USA. My husband and I own and operate a manufacturing company in PA and 75% of our products are made in the USA too. Wishing you continued success.

April 2014
I am in love with your clothes! I'm a new customer since you opened a new store in Old Town Alexandria. I just purchased two adorable jackets and they are ordering me (hopefully) two pair of pants and a sweater for me. I need larger sizes in your clothing designs. I have asked them to carry more size 12's and size L in sweaters and tops. Your clothes are very flattering and adorable. I will be a regular customer for sure. Thank you!

May 2014
Hi, I recently ordered a bag for myself and had it delivered to my home in NJ. My step daughter now wants one! The bag is awesome - looks great and is so very functional! Thank you! I also will be ordering another one for a friend's birthday gift in July. Thanks again.

March 2017

Love your clothes!  I'm in California, so not near any of your stores - but love to enjoy online.  Bought my first Sara Campbell from the Alexandria, VA store - such lovely ladies!

February 2014
We are really excited to have your boutique as a neighbor on Prince Street in Alexandria. We are looking forward to shopping and appreciate your philosophy.

March 2017
Just returned from Naples, FL where I was introduced to your line of clothing. Found the perfect dress for a charity gala and then fell in love with your coral pants and fringe sweater. I had 5 friends with me and they all bought things as well. Please open more stores!

Congratulations on having such darling dresses that are made in the US! I love your clothes and it makes me want to buy even more! Thank you!

March 2014
Just wanted to let you know that I popped into your store on Third Street in Naples yesterday for my first experience with Sara Campbell and really loved the store, the staff, and the merchandise. In addition to the gorgeous clothes, there was a beautiful jewelry selection. 

July 2015
I love Sara Campbell designs and I have purchased so many of your clothes from Charlotte's in Raleigh North Carolina. Thank you for your classic designs for the working professional woman who believes in quality clothing!

May 2014
Dear Sara Campbell LTD, I have resided in Naples, FL since 2000 having relocated from South Dartmouth, MA. Even though I live less than a mile away, I only recently discovered your boutique on Third St. South. I absolutely LOVE your line! I have purchased a number of pieces for my own wardrobe as well as having "dressed" a friend or two from your recent collections! 

June 2015
My friend Susan wore your orange pique dress to our local GCA meeting and looked like a million bucks! Please add me to your mailing list so I can friend a store and buy your dresses. We live in Pittsburgh.

April 2015
I live in Montrose, Alabama, and shop at CK Collection in Fairhope. After trying on some of your line yesterday, I came home and started looking online trying to see where I could find more of your clothing. Beautiful fabrics and designs.

July 2014
Just stopped in your New Canaan store and found 6 dresses that I couldn't live without! Please add me to your email list. Your newest fan from Tampa/BocaGrande, FL.


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