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Small Joys

It's both repetitive and an understatement to say we're living in unprecedented times. Rather than ruminate about the strangeness of it all, we decided to share the silver linings some of our team have found over the last 10 weeks and share them with you. Keep reading to learn more about the small joys we've either found or rediscovered recently.

We hope you will share the sources of your recent joys in the comments section at the end of this post. We can't wait to hear from you!

"I find great joy in doing my flower boxes, taking off to our beach home in Marion, MA to prep it for summer, and eating fresh raspberries." –Sara

"I have always loved container gardening, something my mother taught me, but I don't always get to enjoy. This spring I was able to go to a local outdoor garden nursery and buy lots of herbs. It’s great having an herb planter right on my deck!" –Kristen

"During our time at home, my 7 year old son, Grant and Springer Spaniel, Gracie have been by my side almost every waking hour. We navigate first grade homeschool together, walk and bike together and when the day is done, watch movies, or read together. I don’t know how we could do it without our dog to give us love and sweet snuggles. Grant and I have given her a new nickname: “chocolate chip snuggle muffin." Thank goodness for our pets during this time at home!" –Claire

"What is bringing me joy during these times of uncertainty is being active and enjoying the outdoors. I have spent days going on long walks and hiking with my fiancé." –Courtney

"I’ve been getting more than the required steps in during the pandemic. My dog, Zuzu, can’t believe her luck... ANOTHER WALK?! I’m frightened to think what she’ll do in her boredom when things get back to normal!"


"What started out as a learning exercise on how to grow from a seed turned into a major project that the entire family is enjoying. First a sprout, and now a greenhouse! We are so blessed and fortunate to find appreciation at this time." –Jennifer

"I'm walking a lot, including a 19-mile walk on May 2nd with my two daughters to support the Covid-19 relief fund at Yale New Haven hospital. It was an awesome, uplifting walk!" –Louise

"I've always loved to bake, in particular, anything that involves yeast or dessert. Many of the recipes I use are from both my grandmothers who were from Nebraska and were excellent bakers. Reading their handwritten "receipts" (as they called them) brings me back to their kitchens as a little girl baking with them." –Sue

"Walks and exploring nature with my constant companion. Finally setting up my easel and paints, and remembering the peace just creating brings me. Catching up with old friends near and far, and looking forward to the future when we can all be together again!"


"During the quarantine I have loved the unhurried phone conversations with family and friends, and especialy lots of FaceTime with my just 2 year old grandson, Forrest. I see so much joy through his eyes. We take FaceTime walks to count "pubbles" (puddles), look for birds, and watch the trees "dancing" in the wind. This is joy!" –Pat

"Nothing makes me more joyful than spending time in the garden with my husband and sons. There is something about putting your hands in the earth together that is as near to God as praying." –Liz

"I've enjoyed making small, colorful paintings and reading much more frequently than I normally feel able to."


Please share your silver linings in the comment section below!

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