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International Women's Day: Where would we be without these three?

On this International Women’s Day, Sara recognizes three essential contributors to our company’s success and story. There are three below, but there are countless women who make Sara Campbell strong. From our hardworking store managers to our dedicated home office crew, I hope each and every woman in our village knows how grateful we are to her!


Director of Store Operations

Courtney supports our stores in a variety of ways, from making sure their technology works to determining store hours of operation and everything in between. Courtney is one of those people who just does not stop (and I’m familiar with that kind of person!) She maintains a positive attitude and a big smile on her face. Nothing gets her down; she has endless positive energy. She is a team leader as well as a team player, and a huge asset to our company. Courtney is a born professional and I learn from her daily!



Joanne is the mom of our organization. We go to Joanne for absolutely everything, from the broken coffee pot to the invoices that need to be paid. Joanne has been with us for almost fifteen years! She has ridden the highs and the lows with us, and she keeps the oxygen in our flow. We would not be here today without our rock, Joanne! She always has a postive spirit, telling us to have faith when things are not so good. She is a masterful accountant and controller. She watches every penny so much so, that even I am afraid to ask for money!


Director of Financial Planning

Nicole is an absolutely brilliant financial planner. I trust her judgment implicitly. She tells us which styles to buy and how many of each. She is an incredibly analytical thinker, keeping a pulse on the sales every day. Without Nicole, we would not be able to supply inventory to our 25 stores. She stresses out even more than I do, I think! Not only is she so good at what she does, she is also so good at mentoring others, which takes a particular kind of patience and willingness to share her time to teach others. She such a crucial member of our village!


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