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Poncho vs. Ruana: Throw on & go!

Poncho versus ruana: which is it? Many have pondered the difference, so I'll do my best to describe each item in my own words:

Ponchos are loose-fitting apparel items that offer a hole for your head and some sort of structure or seaming to designate that. It may or may not have armholes. Ponchos can sometimes be worn as the only top to an outfit. They are typically longer in length than ruanas.

Ruanas are also loose-fitting apparel items, but they do not have a space for your arms and can be worn many different ways. (See our suggestions here.) Ruanas are typically an outfit "topper," meaning it goes over your top or dress for warmth or quick outerwear style.

...At Sara Campbell, we love both!

If you've shopped with us before, you've surely noticed that we offer different kinds of "throw & gos" to suit your needs. The selection may change seasonally, such as cotton/linen blends in summer and cashmere in the fall–actually cashmere is offered all year long! Sara likes to add pom poms, tassels, or other design touches to make them unique.

Right now, as we transition from cool weather (up north) to warmer weather, our big seller is the cotton/silk/cashmere blend poncho with a colorblocked edge, shown below on Courtney. The style number is SC-1407. Call one of our store managers to order yours! See our detail below with the top four colors.

Courtney wears our favorite poncho for transition season! SC-1407.

Above: Sherbert/blush, sandstone/chalk, whisper/chalk, and navy/chalk. More colors are available in stores.

Since you seemed to enjoy the outfit suggestions in our last post, here are some ways to wear your toppers:

  1. Add some color over a white collared shirt and simple pants

  2. Bring to a wedding or special event as an alternative to a wrap

  3. Wear to lunch or dinner al fresco

  4. Pair with leggings and cute sneakers as an athleisure look

  5. Bring to the beach to protect you from the sun (in lighter fabrics)

Did you learn something new today (🤣)? How do you style your ponchos/ruanas? Let us know in the comments below!

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