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Date Night Accessory Suggestions from Cupid

I had a chat with Cupid recently... don't believe me?

My sweet boyfriend recently suggested we set aside a date night. Actually, he speaks fluent man so he suggested we "meet up" "once a week" "on the same day each week." My smarty pants then replied, "Honey, that's known as a date night." Even with our Venus vs. Mars take on the idea, the sentiment was so sweet I couldn't help feeling stricken by Cupid's arrow.

We've been together for a few years, so you might guess we're past holding hands and flirting over martinis, but I'm proud to report we definitely are not. I love that he still wants to put on wingtips and use hair product for me once a week. With this in mind and Valentine's Day upon us, I began to think of Cupid, and that's when "he" suggested an array of date night accessory options from Sara Campbell. 😉💘

Sport these suggestions on Valentine's Day and beyond! Which item would you wear on a date? Comment below!

Beaded foldover clutches... $98. Ask your local store for their color selection!

Assorted ear candy... $28-$148. Visit your fave Sara Campbell store to check out their earring selection!

Resin flower statement earrings... $38. Visit your fave Sara Campbell store to check out their earring selection!

Everyone's favorite clutch/wallet/crossbody in romantic hues... $48-$58. We have plenty of colors!

And here's one for your desk... how cute!

Notepads... $18-24.

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