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3 Trends to Try

Since our fab readers loved the Trends to Try post we published last fall, I thought it would be fun to "anniversary" the article! Fall runway shows happen about six months before the first autumn leaf turns yellow, so it's easy to forget which motifs graced multiple runways during Fashion Week. Plus, when these items trickled into stores in July, you may have been more concerned with taming frizzy hair and loading up on sunblock than you were interested in fall fashion at the time, and we don't blame you.

As a refresher, there were tons of strong ideas on the runways. Some of them were: Patchwork (upon patchwork, upon patchwork), mixed media looks that combined several different textures, animal prints, glossy "wet look" fabrics, classic fall patterns like houndstooth, and oversized suiting. The question we'll answer today is: which themes did Sara gravitate towards when she designed her late fall and holiday collections? Here are the three trends we fell for this fall.

Remember, our clothes are made in the USA in very limited quantities. We don't sell online, but we sell over the phone from any of our 24 boutiques! Give your favorite one a ring if you'd like to purchase anything you see below.

1. Rich Reds

We might sound like a broken record, since fall 2017's first trend to try was also red. But the reds this season are far richer and deeper than before. If rainbow reds rocked 2017, rosey reds are dominating fall 2018. Our collection is full of deep burgundy stretch velvet so soft you'll actually want to pet it. We've also used red as the feature pop color on many of the dressy items. You'll find accessories like wraps, scarves, totes, and small leather goods all in attractive, timeless red tones.

SC-1034: Our slightly boxy cashmere mock neck sweater comes in a handful of colors, but we love this vibrant red.

SC 518-126: Gently priced at $138, our stretch velvet flounce sleeve top is flying off the racks in deep burgundy, black, ice blue, raspberry, and hunter green.

Our pal Grace rocks a red cashmere ruffle ruana at a recent fashion show.

SC 518-124: A silk charmeuse neck tie compliments our luxurious soft velvet. This item hits many trends: mixed texture, bows, and deep red.

SC 418-214: You can't go wrong with a classic crepe dress!

2. Put a Bow on it

It's no secret that Sara loves bows! With the holiday season approaching, the phrase "put a bow on it" never sounded better; after all, you yourself are a gift! We've added subtle bows to daywear and dramatic bows on evening wear. My personal favorite is the dramatic satin back bow on the back cover of our late fall lookbook. That dress will make an impression on everyone at the party!

SC 518-120: An oversized satin bow is the centerpiece of this sleeveless crepe shell.

SC 518-162: We're all for delightful surprises!

SC 418-352: This silk charmeuse lace-up shoulder top is a best-seller.

SC 418:300: Have you ever heard the phrase, "party in the back"? (We admit, this dress is party all over!)

SC 518-116: An unexpected bow makes this dress special. Our southern fans love it!

3. Dark Florals

This trend translated seamlessly from summer jumpsuits to fall jackets and dresses. We swapped cotton for tweed and jacquard for the perfect moody florals.

SC 418-114: This comfortable jersey dress fits and feels like a dream.

SC 418-395: This jersey knit dress is part of an exclusive collection designed for our 6 boutiques in Florida.

SC 418-314 & SC 418-330: Notice how these deep florals combine one of our other favorite trends: Red!

SC 418-301: Need was say anything about this stunner?

SC 418-326: This jacquard beauty is perfect for office or play.

Which of these trends is your favorite or least favorite? Is there another trend you wish we were paying more attention to? How do you put outfits together for the fall and winter, based on your climate? We'd love to know! Please leave a comment! XO

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