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Meet the Interns!

This summer, we had a handful of fantastic interns working with us at our headquarters in Boston. They were spread out over multiple departments in the company; finance, marketing, design, and wholesale. I’m sure you saw them pop up sporadically on our Instagram page ;-) Each intern had the opportunity to work on projects individually as well as collaborating together. We hope to give the interns who join our program a multifaceted experience to provide insight into life beyond college. Aas the summer draws to a close, they are sadly gearing up to head back to school. We will miss them, but wish them the best of luck in the upcoming semester! Here is a little bit about each of them and what they did this summer.


  • College: Vanderbilt (Undergrad), Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management (Graduate)

  • Major: Human and Organizational Development, Corporate Strategy (Undergrad), MS Finance (Graduate)

  • Position at SC: Finance intern

  • The scoop on you (fun fact): I'm from Kerrville, TX!

  • Go to outfit: I wear my Sara Campbell Sheri pants all the time. Now that I'm in grad school the dress code is a bit more professional. My Sheri pants are great for class or events because they look dressy but are so comfortable!

  • Projects you worked on this summer: I worked on a few different things, but some of the highlights include putting together various statements of financial performance, looking into locations for new stores, and reviewing and condensing lease information.

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years: In five years, I hope to be travelling a lot. Being from a small town in Texas, there are so many places I want to see. Working in Boston this summer really confirmed that I love exploring and living in new places, so I hope my work will allow for that!

  • One thing you learned this summer: I was really inspired by Sara every day. Watching her at Sara Campbell taught me a lot about work ethic and the drive and persistence it takes to run your own company-- I aspire to be able to do that someday.

  • Favorite memory: When the office gave me lemon squares (my favorite dessert) for my birthday!


  • College: The New School (Parsons and Lang)

  • Major: Fashion Design and Liberal Arts (undecided)

  • Position at SC: Design intern

  • The scoop on you (fun fact): I love animals. My last internship was at a wildlife rescue center.

  • First fashion memory: Learning to embroider in preschool.

  • Go to outfit: One of my favorite outfits is a corduroy mini skirt, long sleeved striped top, black boots, and a hair pin that was my mom’s.

  • Projects you worked on this summer: I assisted the design team and cut swatches of fabric.

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years: In five years, I hope I did well in college and am working towards owning my own business, designing, and exploring the world.

  • One thing you learned this summer: I learned a lot about the design industry and the day-to-day aspects of being a top tier designer.

  • Favorite memory: I really enjoyed having company lunches every Wednesday. It gave me an opportunity to meet people from different departments!


  • College: Babson College

  • Major: Marketing and Retail Supply Chain Management

  • Position at SC: Marketing intern

  • The scoop on you (fun fact): I have four sisters.

  • First fashion memory: Trying on my mom’s wedding dress when I was little.

  • Go to outfit: In the fall and winter I love to wear turtleneck sweaters.

  • Projects you worked on this summer: The projects I worked on this summer include Instagram, blog posts, and press outreach.

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years: Five years from now I see myself graduated from college and working towards getting my MBA.

  • One thing you learned this summer: This summer I learned how to use Instagram in a different way. I now understand how to connect with customers and effectively market products using social media platforms.

  • Favorite memory: My favorite memory was when Kaylie and I traveled to one of our boutiques in Chatham, MA. On our way down from Boston, we stopped at our Hingham boutique, my hometown, to see their sidewalk sale. There we met some lovely customers, and took some pictures for Instagram. Then we got on the road again and made the trek down to the Cape. While we were in Chatham we celebrated their first birthday, took pictures in Sara Campbell clothes along the main street, and we even stopped for a delicious lunch at The Captain’s Table.


  • College: Harvard University

  • Major: Psychology

  • Position at SC: Marketing Intern

  • The scoop on you (fun fact): I have a nine month old nephew and he is the cutest thing ever.

  • First fashion memory: When I was little I went through a phase of thinking it was absolutely necessary for me to model every new article of clothing I received but only if Britney Spears was playing in the background.

  • Go to outfit: I usually tend to wear dresses and skirts when the weather is nicer, but when it’s super cold for winter I opt for black jeans with a nice blouse or sweater.

  • Projects you worked on this summer: This summer I worked on making style guides for the store managers, blog posts, and social media.

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years: In five years I hope to be pursuing a career in one of the many realms that interests me.

  • One thing you learned this summer: I learned so many things working at Sara Campbell this summer. Specifically I loved learning more about how Sara Campbell develops and executes internal marketing campaigns to increase customer response and successful collection launches.

  • Favorite Memory: My favorite memory from this summer was when Kaylie and I went to the SOWA shop to take pictures and explore the area. The SOWA store is a very unique Sara Campbell store, so it was very cool to have the opportunity to visit and explore!


  • College: High Point University

  • Major: Strategic communications with a minor in fashion merchandising

  • Position at SC: Trim and wholesale

  • The scoop on you (fun fact): I sing and play guitar!

  • First fashion memory: When I was 9 years old my mom took me to the Barbie fashion show at New York fashion week.

  • Go to outfit: I enjoy any summer, girly outfit. I especially love sundresses and anything with a jean skirt and white sneakers.

  • Projects you worked on this summer: This summer I spent a majority of my time working on getting trim for our fabulous outfits!

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years: In 5 years, I hope I am settled in a job that I really love and want to work hard at. I hope this job makes me happy because I am doing something I am passionate about.

  • One thing you learned this summer: I learned so much working at Sara Campbell this summer. Prior to my experience here, I had no idea how many steps and people were involved in making clothes! Each person’s job is critical to creating a great final product.

  • Favorite Memory: My favorite memory was going to Boston with Mairead to take pictures in the Common and the surrounding Beacon Hill area. We ran around the city trying to find ice cream and lemonade to create the perfect shots! (All while Mairead was barefoot!)

*Will is not pictured, who left way too soon!*

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