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Sara Campbell's top ten 2018 Met Gala looks

Oscars. Grammys. Met Gala. Whatever the societal event, everyone knows it's all about the outfits! Day and night, Sara gathers inspiration from anyplace possible: glossy magazines, creative window displays, strangers on the street (really, if you are wearing something fashionable within the vicinity of Sara she will likely stop you and ask to take your picture), and sometimes on particularly flattering days she even finds inspiration from one of us in the office! Knowing that, it would be a shame not to list our top ten Met Gala looks and explain what inspires us about them. Did we miss an outfit you LOVED? Let us know if you agree or disagree or leave suggestions in the comments section at the bottom!

10. Michelle Williams wearing Louis Vuitton

This year's theme was "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination" to coordinate with the Costume Institute's newest exhibition, which is "designed to create a dialogue between fashion and the masterworks of religious art in the museum’s holdings" (Vogue.com). Because of the theme, fashion at the event had a good chance of being romantic, so we appreciated the celebrities who opted for the less-expected gothic route and rocked it. This dress fits Michelle perfectly and hit all the right notes: on-theme, on-trend, and timeless (a word we like to use to describe our clothes!) It's not quite on-brand for Sara Campbell, but chic enough to sit at #10.

9. Gigi Hadid wearing Versace

Sara's obsession with finding and importing amazing fabrics leads us to Gigi Hadid's red carpet stunner. She's a perfect ten wearing anything, so we're putting the style aside (while nothing less than gorgeous) to talk about this fabric. It's something out of our dreams! In fact, it's possible we have a shift dress in the making which resembles the bottom half of this colorful, metallic, peacock-esque dream. We also enjoyed Versace's subtle approach to the theme: This was the only dress we saw that resembled stained glass.

8. Joan Smalls wearing Tommy Hilfiger

Again, we're gaga for this fabric! It makes us want to swim in a sea of glitter drinking champagne while being showered in diamonds. Isn't is a amazing how a dress can do that? Joan's crown was the perfect accessory to add an edge to this glam outfit.

7. Jasmine Sanders wearing H&M

There are so many reasons to love this look on Jasmine Sanders. First of all-- I know you're all thinking it-- H&M?! We think it's wonderful that an accessible retailer is evolving and diversifying their brand by designing and creating red carpet looks. This dress looks like liquid gold; structurally made, yet fluid in style. Jasmine's hair was also perfectly romantic. The model gives a new definition to the word "statuesque!"

(P.S. While on the topic of "accessible retailers," did you know that fast fashion speeds up trends and shortens seasons, creating a gross 14 million+ tons of unwanted clothing per year in the USA alone according to Newsweek? H&M also has a Conscious Collection to help battle this statistic, but it makes a minor dent in the problem. If you invest in quality clothing that is well- and responsibly-made in the USA and timeless in style, you can hang on to your items longer and make a difference. Another great reason to shop SC!)

6. Misha Nonoo

We're huge fans of this Elizabethan-inspired collar! It reminds us of our best-selling shirred collar tunic, which will arrive soon in a stripe. We also recently reinterpreted the fancy collar into a magic dress!

5. Ariana Grande wearing Vera Wang

We enjoyed Ariana's literal nod to the theme in a classically romantic gown printed with Michaelangelo's famous fresco, The Last Judgment. Any true lover of art was surely stunned by this piece! Our office is full of people with B.F.A.s from majors like fine art (moi!), graphic design, illustration, and of course fashion design. We'll never grow tired of Michaelangelo!

4. Brooke Shields wearing Zac Posen

Tasteful. Timeless. Made in the USA. Sound familiar?! ;-) We love the simplicity of Brooke's gown along with the gorgeous waistline which is much too chic to refer to by it's name, the "paper bag" waist... Our only critique is that it didn't seem like the Met Gala's theme weighed in at all when Brooke selected this dress. But honestly, when you look this chic, who cares?! Do you think Sara should design more floor-length gowns? Comment below!

3. Ariana Rockefeller wearing Elizabeth Kennedy

Ariana looks like a queen. We are loving the dramatic bows on this gown! Sara is also known to add a bow to the shoulder of a party dress, and you'll see more beautiful bows in our fall collection. The embroidery, the color, and the overall regal style made this dress one of our favorites. On Instagram, Elizabeth Kennedy wrote, "The custom pearl embroidery was inspired by The Annunciation-- a tapestry from 1460 donated by the Rockefeller family in 1931 to the Cloisters, which houses one of the greatest collections of medieval and religious art in the world."

2. Anne Hathaway wearing Valentino Couture

We dare you to find something not to love about this Valentino dress or about Anne Hathaway wearing it. It is stunning. It is dramatic. It is feminine. It is perfectly accessorized. It is fashion! While the color is probably more saturated than fabrics would have been in history, the gathered skirt has us envisioning Anne gracing the canvas of a Da Vinci or cast in marble someplace in Rome. One word to accurately describe this look is "stunning."

1. Yara Shahidi wearing Chanel

Drumroll, please! If you've read this far you have an excellent attention span and you deserve a treat, which is what this fantastic Chanel gown is for all who see it! We spy fringe, tweed, and sequins in that center panel and it gives us butterflies! Our favorite part? How fab-u-lous Yara feels in this dress. She is all smiles and all positive energy, which is how we hope you feel in your Sara Campbell clothes. It's coincidental that our favorite Met Gala look was designed by Chanel, since you know many of our designs are inspired by the iconic brand.

What do you think of our top ten? Would you rearrange our choices or add in a few of your own? We would love to know! Leave your comment below! Thanks for following along. XO

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