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Happy International Women's Day!

There are so many women who make Sara Campbell strong. From our hardworking store managers to our dedicated home office squad, we hope each and every woman on our team knows how grateful we are to her. On this National Women’s Day, March 8, 2018, we want to recognize three major contributors to our company’s success and mission.

Maria Rosa

Head Pattern Maker

As the head pattern maker, Maria Rosa is responsible for the fit and technical construction for every garment I design. Essentially, she makes the vision come to life! I believe that she is truly the most detail-oriented and talented pattern maker who exists, and we are incredibly lucky to have her. If my business partner Peter is my right hand, Maria Rosa is my left. She arrived at Ellis Island from Italy in 1970 and joined us in 1991. Everyone who meets her is charmed by her sweet accent and dedication to her work.


Director of Production

Inga’s job may be one of the most demanding, but you’d never know it by her collected demeanor. Inga oversees the production of our entire line season after season, which entails importing our fabric from overseas before working directly with our factories to ensure both timeliness and accuracy of the final product to its design and technical plan. She is a rock; never flustered, always cheerful, and very dedicated and to an intricate process which she handles with finesse. I appreciate her loyalty to the company, even after her recent move to New York. Her body may have relocated but her soul, brains, and talent remain full time with Sara Campbell! Her visits always call for a party.


Warehouse Manager

Taylor deserves a big cheer from our customers, since it’s her job to get all the products we sell out of our Boston headquarters and into your favorite boutiques! Taylor uses purchase orders and allocations to sort all incoming merchandise before packing and shipping to our stores. This process is much more complicated than it seems; it’s laborious, complex, and requires an extreme attention to detail and logistical sense of mind. I’ve known Taylor for many years, since she is one of my daughter’s best friends. I remember my daughter asking if she could live at Taylor’s house so she could eat her mother’s manicotti every night (no offense taken!) Taylor always has a smile on her face and an attitude brighter than the sun.

We appreciate ALL the lovely women on our team, but these three deserve a special shout out. Girl power!


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