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Sara talks about inspiration and one of her favorite dresses!


Sara says:

This design was inspired by the summer I spent in Wales learning how to smock…

When you view this dress’s delicate fringe up close, it resembles the traditional method. There is no formula for designing clothes; sometimes a special color or specific detail will lead me to the dress. In this case, it was this sweet trim!

I think this dress is selling well because you can wear it in any environment…

I love the sleeves and I know our Boston ladies are wearing this dress with tights and our Florida ladies are wearing it with sandals. It’s a win-win!

It’s packs easily, just like a T-shirt.

I keep versatility in mind when I design. You can fold this knit and toss it in your suitcase. It pairs with fringe earrings + sandals or pearls + pumps, depending where you’re jetting! I can’t wait to wear mine in white once summer arrives up north!

SC 618-156



Also in white.

How to order.

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