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3 Trends to Try

I won't say FALL is around the corner just yet-- I'll be enjoying summer till 12:59PM on September 21st, thank you very much! However, whether it's the back to school craze or simply entering Q4, September seems synonymous with fall fashion, even if it's a bit earlier than the weather suggests. Wondering what to covet this year? We've identified three strong trends worth trying this year; some are familiar and some are new. Each of these categories is well-represented throughout Sara's fall and holiday deliveries, so be sure you're checking in with your favorite boutique often to see what's new.

1: Red

Whether you know it or not, this rich color is flattering on most! So even if you're hesitant, give it a try. You may be pleasantly surprised!

2: Animal Print

Rawr! This fall trend is certainly familiar. Feel free to rock your lush faux-fur and the attitude to go along with it!

3: Sleeve Details

This spring favorite is staying put for the fall season. Delicate details adorn several of our sleeves: bells, ruffles, bows, and peekaboo inserts.

We hope you enjoyed our trend report-- check back for more! XO



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