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Let's go bACK!

Last Friday, just as I got into the car, my phone buzzed with a text from Kaylie: “Sara approved a trip for us to Nantucket next Wednesday! *wink emoji*” I was ecstatic! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being in the office; but taking a day trip to Nantucket was just the sign I needed that summer is still in full swing since the arrival of August had me dreading the end of summer prematurely.

Monday and Tuesday surprisingly flew by. On Tuesday afternoon we packed my car with merchandise to bring to the boutique for their upcoming sidewalk sale. Unlike our trip to the Rhode Island boutiques, getting to Nantucket was a two-step process. We had to first drive to Hyannis to get on the ferry to then get to Nantucket. Sounds easy enough? Wrong. Kaylie and I were lugging huge black trunks around that were packed with clothes. They were on wheels, but those were little help as we walked across uneven cobblestone sidewalks. While we waited for the ferry, at least five people asked if we were in a band and if the trunks were our instruments and speakers. All we could do was laugh!

After a beautiful and breezy ferry ride, MaryAnn greeted us at the dock and we headed to the boutique with the trunks barely fitting in the trunk of the car.

I have been to Nantucket a few times in my life, but I was younger and never truly got to appreciate the amazing aesthetic and activity the island has to offer. I was usually more concerned with convincing my parents to buy fudge. This time around, I felt more present and realized how amazing the Nantucket community is. I did some people watching as our drive to the boutique was frequently punctuated by pedestrians sauntering across the street holding ice cream cones, walking dogs, or scurrying toddlers along.

We passed rows of other boutiques along the way, each fashioned in their own Nantucket style. A little way down the road we pulled into a shell-covered driveway adjacent to the store. Perhaps I’m biased as a Massachusetts-raised-Cape-goer, but I loved it immediately, and I honestly can’t imagine who wouldn’t. I immediately took a mental note of my favorite boutique characteristics, since I am now a self-proclaimed Nantucket enthusiast. For the sake of brevity, I’ll share the five best…

  1. It’s the perfect size. From outside it looks small and quaint; but, do not be deceived, it’s spacious and bright on the inside.

  2. Instead of a supply closet, racks and other materials are stored in a weathered but well-kept and picturesque shingled shed behind the store.

  3. The store is somewhat off the beaten path. By no means is it far away from the hub of activity, but it is positioned as more of a destination. I think it allows guests to appreciate the location (and the apparel) more, rather than stopping mindlessly during a series of shopping.

  4. There are rocking chairs in front of the boutique accompanied by dog treats and water bowls. I was pleasantly surprised by the people who enjoyed the rocking chairs with their pups. Anyone from grandmothers taking a stroll to businessmen on phone calls stopped to rest in our rocking chairs, and it was just a bonus that most of them had cute dogs.

  5. The ocean is right around the corner…literally. If you walk about 100 yards down the street and take a right, you will reach the ocean. However, the smell of the ocean lingers around the store.

We got to enjoy the boutique with a variety of people. First, we met with four bloggers, Mackenzie, Danielle, Gabby, and Kristy. They admired the clothes and accessories, and tried a few things on before snapping pictures of our products.

Then, it was our turn. Kaylie and I tried on three or four outfits each and pranced around the island trying to find the perfect pictures. We wanted to showcase the beauty of our clothes, which seemed easy to do since the Nantucket scenery is breathtaking. We used anything we could find to go with our outfits, from tennis court fences, to lighthouses, to flags, to some random person’s Vespa scooter! We spent a few hours taking pictures before we had a delicious lunch and talked to customers.

Sadly, our ferry departure time rapidly approached. Before we knew it, it was time to wheel those black trunks back onto the ferry (but thankfully they were now empty). We drove back to the docks past the awe-inspiring houses that line the Nantucket streets, and I was sad that we did not get to spend another day (or another week!) on the island.

I will definitely be back to Nantucket before the summer ends, and I will certainly pay a visit to our charming little boutique. I encourage you to do the same! Remember, summer isn't over... enjoy!



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