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Grateful for...

It is hard to believe it is already November...

Trick or Treating has passed, the monsters and goblins have retreated, and the carved pumpkins are getting a bit soggy. The splendid bright beautiful leaves are beginning to fall from the trees and have started to crunch on the ground. Winter is coming and my California spirit is beginning to brace itself.

With Thanksgiving this coming Thursday, I count my blessings. This year, I feel it is especially important to hold on to the amazing parts of my life. The passing of my mother this spring still feels raw. Saying goodbye to the house I grew up in was a deep sadness I could never have prepared for. Our country has disappointed me and the violence around the world has defeated me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I have had to do a lot of growing up this year-- who would of thought that would still be possible at the age of 60?

With these disappointments, though, comes an overwhelming gratitude for the important things that I still have in my life. I have a dedicated and admirably hardworking husband who comes home every night. I have my two beautiful daughters. I am lucky enough to hug good morning and kiss both of them goodnight right now. I have an incredibly devoted Sara Campbell team who has made my dreams come true. I have my best friend, and business partner, Peter, who has, in so many ways, become my better half. I have been able to keep my roots in La Jolla, California, while continuing to make new roots in New England. I have Pure Barre to remind me that I still have a long way to go before I can “lift, tone, and burn.” I have my unconditionally loving dogs who are there when the rest of the world is angry at me. I have my fire pit to feed my pyromania. I have my mother’s scrabble board.

Today, I am grateful for my mind and its ability to create next year’s Fall 2017 fashions. I am grateful for the privilege of being able to vote. I am ever so grateful for my Lucy's safe return from South Africa, and the joy of having our foursome under one roof. I am grateful, for this gift of sharing with you…where would I be with out all of the you's who make up my world and business, and who carry me forward into my next day. Thank YOU.

So while this world seems to be so covered in darkness at times, I have chosen to find the things that still sparkle-the parts of life that still light me up. For all of you out there going through something that feels completely paralyzing remember that you have made it through 100% of your days. You are a 100% success rate. Be thankful for that.

I encourage each of you to find the Pure Barres and the fire pits and the scrabble boards in your life that make each day a little easier, and be ever so thankful for them.

Most importantly, remember that no matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.

Love always and so very thankful for you…




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