• Kaylie Abela

Funny Women, Serious Business

Last Tuesday I had the good fortune of hosting a table at the annual Rosie's Place luncheon, "Funny Women, Serious Business." I have been attending this wonderful event since I moved to Boston thirty plus years ago. I remember sitting at the Weston Hotel when there were almost 500 attendees back then and being so moved by the crowd. This past Tuesday there were 1,500 women!

Susan Wornick, the MC for the event, was absolutely hilarious. The guests from Rosie's were beyond courageous as they shared their stories. Piper Kerman, the author of "Orange is the New Black" spoke about her year in prison and the impact of small kindnesses. She was amazing and so honest!

Rosie's Place was the first women's shelter in the USA and is built on these small kindnesses and women taking care of women. Prior to Rosie's Place, woman had to dress in men's clothes in order to get in line at the food pantry's. There is a staggering amount of homeless women and children in this country today and it's so easy to forget about them while we get cozy in our homes as winter begins to peak. As a small business woman I always know that at any time I could be one of them. Anything can happen!

On Tuesday December 2nd we will sponsor a day of shopping in support of our local women homeless shelters in each of our locations. Price of admission will be to bring a pair of socks or some toiletries that can be delivered to the shelters. We will offer treats, a discount, and we will give back a donation from sales that day. It is truly the season of need. Let's support our sisters, and let's not forget them!

I encourage you to serve a meal at your local shelter, your heart will grow by leaps!

For more information about Rosie's Place visit www.rosiesplace.org



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