• Kaylie Abela

My Favorite Fall Activities!

I live in New England for really ONE reason...the change of seasons. Being from California, we just did not have the dramatic change in colors, and color is so prevalent to my well-being. Fall is the last time we get to embrace the outdoors until we have to retreat inside for the cold winter. Here are some of my favorite things to do with Ken and the girls in the fall.

1. Pumpkin Carving!

It's time to get creative!!! Many years ago we started out simple in the Maloney/Campbell house with the pumpkin carving---it was your simple jack-o-lantern face with a candle in it. However, it wasn't long until our creative juices all got flowing and we advanced our pumpkin carving skills and pulled out the hand drill and intricate carving tools to do pumpkin carving right. Here is Lucy's pumpkin from last year

2. Apple picking!

Apple picking is a must. I can not count the times we loaded up the mini-van years ago with all the girls friends to go apple picking with Ken extrememly overwhelmed in the driver's seat. Bring the apples home to make caramel apples and apple pie.

3. Go to the farm!

Wilson Farm in Lexington, Massachusetts is one of my favorite places to go. I have been going for years and it has everything you can possibly need and everything is locally grown! Though I go year around, my favorite time to go is in the fall.

4. Clean out the closet!

I suppose my favorite sport in the Fall is the changeover of my closets. Saying good-byes to clothes I never wear, folding up happy spring and summer dresses with the hope that there will be some warm getaway that I will need them sooner than later. Pulling out all my cozy clothes and getting all set up for cooler days. I love our sweaters and ponchos more than ever this year, so I have indulged in more than usual shopping at a Sara Campbell... come on by and check it out!



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