• Kaylie Abela

Another Passage...our last Conn College Parents Weekend!

This past weekend was our very last Parents Weekend with Maggie, our senior at Connecticut College. We had such a wonderful time with her, her friends and her friends' parents.

It started with her arrival back in Boston. Maggie had extreme anxiety over her dentist appointment, which involved a needle. To offset the stress, she convinced me to go "sample shopping" down Newbury Street on the most beautiful afternoon ever in Boston.

It was rather hurried, but we did find our way into Zara, where there were all kinds of delicious ideas. However, what was especially cool about this adventure was the copper air stream parked out front of a brand new store, called Kit and Ace. The air stream was hosting a mini pop up store, showcasing its featured tech cashmere. The concept for the store is beautiful, and very simple. I was not inspired to spend however.

Traffic down to Rhode Island was a disaster. The entire city was grid locked due to rain and the three day weekend. Hours later we landed in Watch Hill where Ken and I met our dear friends and neighbors for a wonderful evening and dinner at The Ocean House. Watch Hill is incredibly beautiful. The next morning the sky was as clear as a bell, and we headed down the road for our day with Maggie and her friends. Such fun seeing the alumnae girls who were on the lacrosse team with Maggie, and all the graduating seniors as well. By this point we have made some very great friends, and we are already dreading the good-byes.

Maggie's fabulous roommate, Sophie, and her family had about 24 people over for a festive cocktails and dinner. We met some new parents, and reuniteded with the old parents. Another surprise! I met a mom from St Louis, and when I asked her if she had ever heard of the Danforth family, she belted out that all her six siblings went to Camp Miniwanca!!!!

Dingdingding...my camp in Michigan where I went for 7 years. And still have my bestie from there. In fact, that night my old Miniwanca pal was arriving at my house from London!

Maggie made a very sweet toast thanking the Atwoods for all their years of generosity by opening their home to all, but Jim put in a few wise words as well.

" As you leave this place, do not forget to take your friends with you. Although it will take work, these will be the best friends of your lives.Use our home as a place to reunite. Just keep these friendships going!"

So well put...friends take work, but the comfort and joy is the food for happiness. My friends are my gasoline especially when the tank is on empty.

We had a beautiful Sunday as well, more blue sky....so lucky. A brunch in Stonington with four families, (another adorable town in Connecticut) and back on the road to meet up with Annie at the house. Plans for graduation are now in full force.

All was perfect...especially because Maggie found her purse she lost the night before!!! Those girls can party hardy!



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