• Kaylie Abela

Pitching In

Just a few hours can go a long way...

We often forget the difference even a small bit of our time can make in the world. On Saturday, Ken and I volunteered for the morning shift to work on two houses sponsored by Habitat for Humanity in Wayland, MA. Habitat for Humanity helps to build affordable homes for families who are currently in dangerous and unhealthy living conditions. Our friend Mary Dunne got us involved through her foundation, the Lauren Dunne Astley Memorial Foundation, where community outreach is one of their core missions.

Mary hunted down a group of friends and church members to work the day. My job was not too important, but I felt it still made a difference. I sanded the edges of shelves, which were then moved to the next post where they were painted. Ken had a much more important job...he was a roofer! (Poor guy was so sore the next day!) We met some really amazing people, some of whom were Habitat for Humanity volunteers and some of whom were just local people pitching in like us.

The two families who are going to move into the home were there working as well. The kids were so incredibly excited. Both families were working fiercely hard building their new homes and it was so cool watching people literally build a new life for themselves. The bigger house of the two is being built for a family of four children. They currently live in Roxbury and the mom told me that they crawl through their living room on their bellies as to avoid gun shots. It occurred to me that we could not get this house finished soon enough.

It was one of those experiences that leave you thirsty to help more. The day opened my eyes to how many people I have to power to help if I just put aside a few hours of my weekends. How easy it is to forget about these kinds of situations that are happening just around the corner from us. Imagine all of the people we could help if everyone pitched in.

It was the gift of my weekend. Thank you to Habitat for Humanity ♥



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