• Kaylie Abela

No More Teens

No Birthday Fairy in Boston Today!

Today is the end of my teens...my teenagers are no longer teenagers! Lucy Jane turns 20 today. I find these passages just plain sad. Maybe I would be celebrating more if she were here today rather than at school. I looked at her empty bedroom this morning, where the "birthday fairy" arrived for 18 years to deliver, at the foot of her bed, volumes of wrapped presents. The birthday ritual begins first thing as the birthday girl wakes up in our house...and then there is the tug of getting the rest of us up. Maggie would always be easy to get up, as she was so curious about what could possibly be in all those boxes for her if it's her birthday, or for her to borrow if it's Lucy's birthday! And, of course, there was always one little gift for the sister whose birthday it was not.

The memories are so clear. Ken rushing to get the uncharged video camera. "HOLD YOUR FINGERS UP!" he would yell, HOW MANY YEARS OLD?" I always was in charge of the trash bag and Ken would always be certain that I threw something important away, so he always made sure to inspect the bag.

But this morning the Birhday Fairy had to fly down to Tennessee and her bed at home was empty. The bed tidy and fluffed. No signs of Lucy, except for all the memories of celebrations on this day, September 30 for eighteen years. Even though this is the second year Lucy hasn't been home for her birthday, it makes me just as sad.

Tonight I will go home with no family dinner, no birthday cake, just possibly some face time with the birthday girl where I will try to smother those big blue eyes with all the love in my heart. This day 20 years ago was one of the very best days of my life. That is true happiiness.

Happy Birthday Lucy Jane!



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