• Kaylie Abela

Parents Weekend Down South!

This past weekend, Ken and I went down to Nashville for Parent’s Weekend! It was so good to see our Lucy! She greeted us at the airport with all smiles. We went in a bit earlier this year. I spent the previous weekend hunting down restaurant reservations in this very famous city. I tried to hit the most highly recommended new spots. Thursday evening we tried Josephine’s on 12th Ave South. It was more fancy and expensive than our usual meals, but we wanted a special evening and I absolutely recommend it. The food was very much of southern flare, but light and not too big of portions. Afterwards, we had just enough room in our bellies to test the infamous Jeni’s ice cream right next store and I can honestly say it’s the best ice cream I’ve ever had. We are obsessed and Lucy and Ken are convinced that we need to get Jeni’s up in Boston.

The next day we helped get Lucy’s room a little more organized with one last trip to The Container Store. As Ken said, “ We should get this figured out by June!” I love Green Hills and met with a realtor about the future possibility of a Sara Campbell there. I cannot forget to mention the ridiculously fattening breakfast at Biscuit Love in the Gulch (Check out my photos..ugh!). A real Southern breakfast.

We needed to do a bit of walking so we mosied on over over to this very vintage store called Two Hippies (Check out the volkswagen!). Friday evening we had dinner at a new restaurant in Hillsboro Village called Double Dogs. It’s a really cool sports bar that serves a lot of their food in dog bowls...definitely felt unnatural, but I guess it’s good to put myself in Cooper’s shoes for a night to improve our relationship. Double Dogs was right next to ANOTHER Jeni’s...good rule of thumb: we only go to restaurants within a mile radius of Jeni’s.

Saturday we held a trunk show at the Kappa Alpha Theta house and gave 20% to the sorority. I love giving to Theta because of all the opportunities they’ve given Lucy, but they also support a philanthropy called CASA. CASA helps train volunteers to support and advocate children who come from backgrounds of neglect and abuse. CASA has changed the lives of so many children and I’m so happy to support Theta so that they can continue all of their amazing work towards CASA.

Hot and exhausted, I rallied for a tailgate party around the corner at a fraternity. My first tailgate party! Actually, it was quite interesting meeting all the parents from so many places around the country. The girls were pretty much in sundresses and cowboy boots, ready to dance! The boys were carefully protecting their 12 packs of beer and were focused on over consuming! And of course, another Southern spread of hot chicken, grits, biscuits, and more, from Monelles...too much food! Lucy and Ken took off for the football game, and I took off for the hotel to watch the game from the sidelines (nothing beats a window view of the field - best seats in the stadium)!

We wrapped up the weekend with one last pizza party with a gaggle of girls and their parents, which was truly one of our best nights. We got to know some really nice people, and both Ken and I were very impressed with Lucy’s friends. Somehow we dodged the goodbyes, although we all intended to meet in the morning. Lucy overslept, and we were in a tizzy to get to the airport on time. Actually I was good with that! I am not good with separation. It was best I just got on the plane and focused on my work ahead in New York City. The only good thing about not returning home to Boston was that I did not have to face my scale!



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