• Kaylie Abela

After Setting the Bar High for my Summer Plans, Here's How It All Went!

1. Take a Picture Everyday

...check! I did take a picture every day, and I actually sorted my photos, printed them, and they are ready for my little photo albums that I have been remiss on doing. I feel so good about this! It's so fun being able to sort through old memories.

2. Three day Juice Cleanse

I tried the three day juice cleanse, but turns out, it's just not my style. I cannot stand kale, even if it is in the most disgusting blender drink. What I did remember, is that I love handmade orange juice with thick pulp! Lucy got this most glamorous ridiculously complicated and expensive juicer and I stole some of her homemade orange juice...DELICIOUS!

3. Sunset bbq

This did happen and it was so much fun! We had the most wonderful birthday barbecue with my girlfriends on the beach in paradise, LaJolla, California. Though originally I wanted to do it on Nantucket, it was so nice being back where I grew up with all my best friends.

4. Plant a Garden

My vegetable garden did not get planted, however, thanks to the lovely Faithful Flowers, our backyard was finally finished. We have beautiful trees and plants lining the fence and I can finally look out my window and not see a construction sight!

5. Do a Stitch and Bitch for Nan

We are still working on the stitch and bitch for my mother-in-law at her assisted living home...however, she has settled in so nicely. It was a tough transition for her, but she has made some great friends and I think she finally is starting to feel like it's her home.

Overall, it was an amazing summer and I am so glad I got to check off some of my bucket list plans. Stay tuned for a fall/winter bucket list coming soon!!




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