• Kaylie Abela

Moving the Kiddos into College


So year number two for my youngest, Lucy. Sophomore year...another goodbye, another year down South. As the days got nearer, I could feel my stomach plummet. For Lucy, however, her excitement was rising. Back to the girlfriends, back to her sorority sisters, back to wearing cowboy boots, back to a new room and a new year! This time, however...it was somewhat known territory for her...and that had its own comfort for me.

Ken and Lucy took to the road with not a square inch left in that car. Tears rolling down my cheeks...it was a terrible feeling. No different than the day I left her at kindergarten. Another year gone by in the history of parenting this beautiful baby girl. I followed via plane Friday, and we hit the task of unloading her Saturday morning. All was well until it was time to get the storage unit...

'"Call for the UBOX!" (done!). UHAUL said there was no problem getting the box, but the down side was that it had been taken to a town 40 minutes away! No problem, we thought. But after waiting 2 hours for them to "prepare the box," they informed us that the box was lost. Fast forward seven hours and a wasted day of mega stress between all of us, the box was located at 7:00 PM. Not an easy day!

Fatigue probably tainted my sadness. Yes I know...be happy and be proud, but I could only feel sad. The flight home was the worst...the memories of her yelling "Mom, I need you" from her bedroom. We are in a new chapter. The joy I can hang on to though, is she is still my Lucy...where ever she roams, she is still my Lucy, and I love her bigger than the moon.


There is no place like home!


And, now for the girl who really cannot pack LIGHTLY!!! Maggie has scored a single room...all hers. This means that Ken and I begin the hauling process.

It's not that Maggie is in need of anything for this room It's the requirement to REDO, REDEFINE, RECREATE this space, after all, she is NOW a senior! As I said to Ken this morning, it's kind of sad that this is our last year of moving Maggie up 5 flights of stairs with a truck load of everything. This time I think I am ready for her departure...maybe because I can get in the car and catch a visit or dinner any weekend I want. Not so for Lucy..she seems so far away. But when that white princess room of Maggies appears empty Thursday morning, I will know if I was indeed ready. I will sorely miss from the other room "Night Mommy!" belted no matter what time of night it is... She is still my baby girl.

The long lost storage pod!!



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