• Kaylie Abela

Cousin Weekend!

Summer says COUSIN TIME…love it when they all roll in and are in one big clump!

My niece, Alanna, who does a fabulous job working in our Alexandria store, drove up to Boston with her three children for a two-week vacation. Her sister, Terra and Terra's daughter also live in the Boston area, along with my other niece Moriah and her two kids. So, it's been two weeks of madness with 6 kids running around! From 11/2 to age nine...somehow they all can play together. We headed to Marion for the weekend and squeezed in 16 of us--we had a blast! We packed it all in under blue sunny skies.

Friday night we kicked off the weekend with a big casual dinner at the yacht club. Two tables...one for the grown ups and one for the kiddos…Lucy and Sean graced the little kids with their presence at the table. Saturday, Maggie and Blake joined us and it was a full day at the beach..sand castles, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, and swimming…everything that makes for a perfect summer day. In the afternoon they all wanted to hit the dock. After jumping off the dock, slip and sliding, and hunting for crabs, the day ended with a hot dog feast and a movie, while the parents and grownups had a much-needed wonderful long and leisurely dinner. Sunday was a rain day, so they were all eager to head back to their houses before cabin fever set in.

My family was ready for a rest…but I cleaned up and headed back to Moriah's where she hosted yet another cousin fete! We wrapped the weekend on Monday night with "Grill your own" at the pool. Ken and my girls joined in again, and the evening ended with a cannon ball contest and s'mores. Hard to describe some of the belly flops that took place!

Alanna's two daughters also came in to work around the office--a great duo for some button and ribbon sorting. The two sat with Lucy at the table while they took their very important job quite seriously:)

These are the kind of days that make a big family worth all the chaos. The kids are so filled with delight and excitement…before Alanna and her three head back to Virginia tomorrow, we will conclude the cousin celebration with a fire pit party at Tantie Sara's with marshmallow roasting in jammies (after they rummage for treasures through all of our American Girl doll buckets, of course).

The only thing we did not do...yet, is the SCRABBLE TOURNAMENT…it may end up just being me and Callum competing, but I've got to do it before the end of the summer! These cousin memories are what truly build our family..and we are lucky to have such good ones.

We love you all so much!



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