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A Glimpse Inside the Sample Shop

The Sample Shop

What exactly is a sample shop? It is where our fabrics come to life. Our buttons have a purpose. Our zippers and lining talk to us. Simply put, it is where we create our first line samples and get them to perfection before they are sent out to our local factories for final production. Our little gem is the heart and soul of the business and we are fortunate enough to have it located in the same building as our corporate office and design room in Boston's South End. This means we are able to form ideas upstairs in the design room, and then bring them downstairs to our sample shop to turn them into a reality. Our seamstresses are the architects and engineers of our company. They understand the nuances of a garmet, form-fit to look to style. They understand how fabric works... that it is not a static element; rather, it is an organic element that changes over time. They make our ideas three dimensional and help us put together the pieces of the puzzle that each design consits of. At any point in time you will see original paper-markers hanging from our ceiling, shelves upon shelves of intricate buttons, a rainbow of thread rolls, and mannequins drapped with ideas. As I always say, it takes a village--and we don't know where we would be without our crew downstairs!

We hope you enjoy a glimpse into our world!



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