• Kaylie Abela

Down to the South! The story behind our Virginia and Florida stores


Alexandria was a leap of faith because it was our first step into the South. A location opened up in a small walking neighborhood right off of King Street. We knew the demographics were right, the location was good, and the town was very community driven. It turned out to be a great success, mostly because the ladies in Alexandria know how to dress. They dress for everything and it’s awesome!

Our next store was Richmond. We wanted to expand in the South because we had a big Southern wholesale business. We also knew we wanted to be close to Alexandria, so Richmond it was! Richmond was a little more of a college town than we had done before, but when we found a spot, we couldn’t resist. It is the cutest little store that looks like a small house!


After opening our summer seasonal stores in Nantucket and Newport, we decided to move into Florida to get those snowbirds escaping from the harsh New England and Midwest winters. We’ve realized that we have a customer in Florida for around 4-6 months of the year. We started in Naples and then just this past winter we opened up in Vero Beach.



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