• Kaylie Abela

Me & Pete

How my business partner and I met...

In 1985, I bought my first house. It was an old Victorian in Dorchester, about 100 years old, on the historic register. It was like my own dollhouse. Everyone told me how stupid I was to buy this house because it definitely needed some work done, and was in a sketchy neighborhood, but I loved it so I bought it anyway.

The house needed some TLC, and I had this vision of sisal rugs with plantation white shutters. I had no idea where to start, so my friend Joanne told me to reach out to her friend Peter Wheeler who had worked as Vice President of Design at Marimekko in his previous career. I gave Peter a call and he came over to take a look at the house. I vividly remember him stepping onto the porch and saying “Wow, this house is awesome! I feel like I am in San Francisco!” Immediately I loved him! He was the first person to tell me that buying this house wasn’t a horrible idea.

Peter helped me pick out shutters and suggested I paint everything in the house white, so I did. As we started working on the house, we began to hang out more and more and we had so much fun together. I eventually asked Peter if he wanted to consult for me, and pretty soon Peter and I became business partners.

Now, 30 years later, we’re still working together and he has become a huge part of our family.



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