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My Love-Hate Relationship With My Dog

Let's face it...we are all obsessed with our dogs. My family and I have two darling pups: Charlie is a Portuguese Water Dog mixed with a Wheaton Terrior and Cooper is a Boxer. Charlie is the angel dog...he is sweet, mellow, and well behaved (most of the time). Cooper, on the other hand, is a different story.

Cooper and I have a love-hate relationship. Two years ago before Cooper came into the picture, our other dog named Isabelle passed away. She was world's sweetest dog and had such a strong personality. It was hard on everybody in the family. Come September, my daughter Lucy started talking about getting a second dog. I wasn't opposed to getting another dog, but I was definitely opposed to getting a dog that sheds (part of the reason why Charlie and Isabelle are so awesome is that they are hypoallergenic). Of course, Lucy and Ken both insisted on a Boxer...a shedding machine! One day right before Lucy's 18th birthday, the two of them claimed they were "driving to New Hampshire just to look at some Boxers for fun." I wasn't fooled. Of course, 5 hours later, the car pulls up the driveway and out pops a boxer puppy. He was definitely cute, but I was so not happy. I think I gave them the silent treatment for about a day and a half.

If you've ever seen the movie Marley and Me, that is Cooper in a nutshell. But it's almost like Cooper knows that I am the one who did not approve of him in the beginning; he loves EVERYTHING that I love, and not in a good way. Maybe it's all his revenge. My new pair of splurge-shoes? Now Cooper's chew toy. My white linens? Cooper's new mudrom. My new sun hat? Destroyed. Literally anything with bows? Donezo. Just last week. I bough brand new place mats. When I came home from work at the end of the day, the place mats were spread across the kitchen floor with all of the corners bitten off. I must say, he has great taste...but I don't want a dog with good taste! I want a dog that will chew my hand-me-downs and lay in an actual dog bed! Not only does he lay on the bed...everynight...but he takes up the ENTIRE bed. It's like having a third person sleep with us.

Anyway, over the past two years, Cooper and I have had a lot of drama stemmed from a lot of stolen items. However, he has made me laugh more than any dog I have ever known. He can never quite seem to keep his tongue in his mouth. If by some miracle he actualy succeeds in fitting it in there, his bottom teeth don't quite make it in. Very rarely are both his tongue and all of his teeth tucked away in his droopy lips. He also is world's most uncoordinated dog. He has a difficult time running in a straight line and his "swimming" looks awfully similar to drowning. Though he takes up the whole bed, he does make a pretty good snugglebug! He is a pain in my butt, but he has the biggest heart in the whole world and I wouldn't trade him in for anything.

Here is a few snapshots of Cooper and I at our highs and lows...


He has always been a fan of my garden...don't let that face fool you!

I'd call it an obsession.

Him interrupting my plans to refurnish areas of the house that he has already destroyed.

Coop having an argument with the Elf on the Shelf. For those of you who don't know what that is, the Elf on the Shelf is a toy elf that is supposed to sit on a shelf around the holidays to watch for who's being naughty or nice. Clearly, Cooper felt slightly judged by the elf.

"Ivory couch? Don't mind if I do!"

Hiding from my wrath his guilty conscience.

This is one of the thousand pictures I have of the Cooper Tongue. It is always out & about! It makes me laugh every time.

Our battle for the front seat.

We've settled it at a tie.

At the end of the day, if your dog makes you laugh more than any human does, then he's gotta be doing something right! We love ya Coop!



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