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Get those legs movin'!

The Sara Boot Camp

I must admit, swimming is my favorite workout. But when I can't get to the pool, I do my own boot camp that I created to get me through my week. This boot camp isn't like other "boot camps" you've tried for a couple reasons: 1. there are no aerobics because I hate most aerobics and 2. it won't leave you crying. This is the circuit that I do a few times a week and it always leaves me feeling ready to take on the day. Repeat each circuit as many times as you can! You can also try to slowly increase the number of circuits you do each week.


1. 20 Lunges

2. 20 Squats

3. 20 Hip Raises

4. 20 Sumo Squats

Repeat at least 2X, but keep going if you can


1. 20 Bicep Curls (5lb dumbell)

2. 20 Bicep curls with Shoulder press

3. 20 Tricep Extensions

4. 20 Tricep Kickbacks

5. 20 Pushups

Repeat at least 3X, but keep going if you can


1. 50 Crunches on exercise ball

2. 50 Bicycles

3. 50 Russian Twists with medicine ball

4. 1 minute plank (hold as long as you can!)

Repeat 2X, but keep going if you can

Go get 'em, beautiful!



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