Lessons From Our Mother

May 7th 2021

Lessons From Our Mother

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so it is only right that our mother’s blog is taken over by her two not-so-little girls.

Hi! Maggie and Lucy, here. Many of you know Sara Campbell intimately because she lets so many people into her magical heart. However, nobody knows a mother quite like her daughters. We have watched her dance through the intricacies, miracles, tragedies, and celebrations of life. We have had our eye on her since our first breaths, and while she will say we are her biggest critics, we would say that we have lived life in awe of our mother.

With that in mind, we thought we would share a list of our most special learnings from our queen. Below, please find “lessons from our mother”:

1. She has taught us to always tell the truth, and then some.

2. She has taught us how important it is to be able to laugh at ourselves.

3. She has given us each our own style, a passion for fashion, and though she will never admit it comes from her, she gave Maggie an incurable shopping addiction.

4. She has taught us that all walls should be painted white in a house.

5. She has taught us how to make hospital corners on the end of our bed, serving us well down the road.

6. She has taught us how to blot a stain out by “pulling it out of the garden.”

7. She has taught us to never show up to an interview with chipped nails.

8. She has taught us how to talk our way into and out of really any situation—out of speeding tickets, out of broken up house parties, and into first class and complimentary room upgrades.

9. She has taught us that crying always makes you feel better

10. She has taught us that we can give any trouble to God.

11. She has taught us how to wear our hearts on our sleeves.

12. At the age of 6, she taught us that any time a boy is mean to us, all we have to do is “wash that boy right out of our hair!”

13. She has taught us how to advocate for ourselves.

14. She has taught Lucy how to design the most special dresses, and how to create her own timeless brand.

15. She has taught us how to forgive—how to forgive others and how to forgive ourselves.

16. She has taught us how to make people laugh, and laugh hard.

17. She has taught us about ferocity and fearlessness in a world where girls are quieted.

18. She taught us to never wear black to a funeral because life is a celebration.

19. She has given us the gift of raising us to know exactly who we are, to be unapologetic about it, and to be open to our ever-evolving selves.

20. She has taught us that family is precious and how to hold each other close.

Our mother is a matriarch in so many ways. She is unconventional and wacky, but the very best things about each of us are profoundly her. We deeply love the path that she has danced us down and we are so proud to be “Sara Campbell’s daughters.”

Happy Mother’s Day to every type of mother out there: to those who love anyone like a mother, to those who are trying so hard to be a mother, to those who miss their mothers, to mothers who have lost and are grieving. Mother’s Day can be complicated, and we are sending love and peace to all this weekend.

With big love always,

Maggie and Lucy