International Women's Day 2020: Design Team Rockstars

Mar 5th 2020

International Women's Day 2020: Design Team Rockstars

The last few years, we’ve been recognizing International Women’s Day with an ode to some of the women within the Sara Campbell organization. It gives you an an inside scoop on our day-to-day operations and brings an understanding to the people and roles needed to bring my clothes to life. I hope you’ll enjoy continuing the tradition with three special women who help me in the design department. They hold extremely important functions to secure the success of Sara Campbell collections!

Kaylyn at the cutting table at Sara Campbell HQ.

Kaylyn is our liaison between product design, development, and production, and she is a real find. Some of her daily tasks might include drawing technical pattern specs, managing the sample cutting and sewing processes, and gathering style information for our line sheets and hangtags. I appreciate that she never says no to a new project and approaches her work with incredible attention to detail.

It’s not an easy task to be the go-between for design and sampling, but she handles it gracefully. One of her dreamiest qualities is she never gets flustered despite plenty of opportunities to lose her cool working closely with the two most emotional people in the company: me and our head pattern maker Maria Rosa!

When we first met her, Kaylyn entertained us with a two-year engagement. Recently, she dropped the exciting news that a baby is due in four months! We are nervously gearing up for her absence because she truly keeps our design team glued together.

Kristy in the design studio at Sara Campbell HQ.

Kristy works with me in the design studio. She is instrumental at fit sessions, communicating design changes to production and partnering with pattern makers and sewers to ensure the samples are constructed to our vision. She also works in production, ordering our specialty trims.

Kristy is incredibly competent and capable of juggling multiple responsibilities. With her calm and pleasant personality, she actually makes it all look easy! Another reason she is a joy to work with is she is open and opinionated but always respectful and professional.

She has proven her dedication to this role after enduring a bumpy beginning. She joined us from a more corporate position, which I’m sure was a wild adjustment, and on top of that, her boss was working remotely when she started! She rose to the challenge and now excels in every way.

We missed her last year during her maternity leave but love having her back and being able to witness how all of her positive qualities translate to motherhood.

Maira at the fabric station at Sara Campbell HQ.

Maira shops the market to source fabrics and trims in addition to partnering with our suppliers to develop unique textiles that fit our collections’ needs. (Think of developing custom fabrics to match our color story, altering fabric contents, or redeveloping print designs… so fun!) She also approves all of our production fabric and has a keen eye for quality.

She left New York to take on a new adventure in Boston and responded to our help wanted ad, and we’re so glad she did. Maira really rounds out our design team with her exceptional knowledge about textiles, trends, and garment production.

I especially appreciate that Maira is a natural problem solver. No “hiccup” is too big or small for her to handle with ease and flexibility (and sometimes there can be simultaneous issues when fabric vendors are involved!) She has brought a bright light to the design crew.

I look forward to working on more custom fabrics with Maira's expertise in my pocket!

As you can tell, the design team who work directly with me are very strong. They keep the things rolling when I am not in the office and are my ears and eyes into the sample shop as products come down the pipeline, keeping us on schedule. Each of these three women are individually strong and independent, which is why we work so well together!